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Recreating our pond

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Our old pond was dug out and recreated at the end of 2014 – see the transformation here!

Day 8 – 1st December 2014 – Today is the final day of work! It is really looking good and we are very excited.  The pond continues to fill, the pebbles are put in, the edges are filled the deck is put back into place and the path is laid.

DSCF2852 DSCF2855

Day 7 – 28th November 2014  While the pond continues to fill with water the benches are constructed.

DSCF2842  DSCF2843

Day 6 – 27th November 2014 – The final bits of roots are removed and the new liner is laid. We have started to fill the pond, but this will take quite a while.

DSCF2829 DSCF2837 DSCF2838

Day 5 – 26th November 2014 – The digger has arrived today to clear away the roots and other debris from the bottom of the old pond.

Pond refurb day 5

Day 4 – 25th November 2014 – The old pond liner and base has been removed, and we’ve found what has caused our pond to leak.  There are roots from reeds underneath the pond, and these have grown up through the liner and punctured it.  We will need to get rid of those roots before the new pond is installed.  We’ve also found another pond liner beneath the first one.  That will have to be removed too!

Pond refurb Day 4

Day 3 – 24th November 2014 Monday morning – a lovely sunny day but very cold!  We’ve uncovered the old pond liner and are removing it.

Pond refurb Day 3 a Pond refurb Day 3 b

Day 2 – 21st November 2014 – Cutting down the shrubs that have taken over the area – in the rain!

Pond refurb - Day 2 a

Day 1 – 20th November 2014 Work started today on clearing the undergrowth before our new pond can be created.

Pond refurb Day 1 a Pond refurb Day 1 b Pond refurb Day 1 c

Before Work Starts!  Here are pictures of the old pond area looking very sad, and with no water, before work starts on this area tomorrow.  Watch this space to see how it develops!

Pond - before refurb 1 Pond - before refurb 2

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